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Innovation is a broad and multifaceted concept, and it can take many different forms.

  • At one end of the spectrum is incremental innovation, which involves making small improvements to existing products or processes in order to advance them.

  • Radical innovation, on the other hand, involves introducing a completely new set of rules or approaches to a particular market or industry.

  • Disruptive innovation, meanwhile, involves bringing to market new value propositions that are typically simpler, cheaper, and more affordable than existing offerings.


By understanding the different types of innovation and the ways in which they can be applied, companies can be better equipped to identify and pursue opportunities in their respective markets.

We believe that human-centered design is the key to driving innovation and building long-term relationships with customers. By empowering design teams with a deep understanding of customer needs, we help them to create products, services, and experiences that are truly aligned with what people want and need.

  • We use a variety of methods, including interviews, focus groups, and online surveys to gather insights about attitudes, preferences, and behaviors, and identify areas for improvement and innovation.


In addition to gathering insights about customers, we can understand other stakeholders, such as employees, partners, and suppliers. Aligning your strategy with the needs of different stakeholders leads to a more successful customer-led transformation.

"New technologies, blurred industry boundaries, changing markets, new competitive players and changing regulations all combine to make products and processes obsolete… as Steve Jobs said, it is crucial to question the pillars of today’s success and mentally prepare yourself for your company’s demise, even if it’s doing famously right now. We live in an era of temporary competitive advantage: success can only be maintained if its roots are continually re-examined and nurtured."

Olivier Gassmann, Karolin Frankenberger, Michaela Csik "The Business Model Navigator"

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